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            Featured Products

            Specialized in manufacturing expansion joints, flexible metal hose and other piping accessories, Znbo will provide you with the advanced technique, high-quality products and considerate customer service.

            About Us??

            Dalian Qiming Metal Forming Co., Ltd.

            You may not find DQM in whos who dictionary, but, we are sure,you must have ever heard the praiseful word thumbs-up to DQMs products! Yes, thumbs-up quality, thumbs-up services! DQM (Dalian Qiming Metal Forming Co., Ltd.) is a specialized manufacturer of medium and big size of forged and machined parts such as rings, shafts,flanges and etc. DQM is well-known for his high quality of open-die forgings and machining parts and enjoys reputation since his establishment in 2001. Also, DQM is competent for undertaking Custom-made and OEM supplies according to drawings, specifications and any requirem...

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